Competition: International Competition City of Montevideo

International Urban design competition for the city of Montevideo.  Ideas for adding density and improving urban life are explored through large urban planning concepts and specific case study blocks.

At the largest scale the proposal includes a greenbelt around the city as an urban growth boundary. The goal is to protect the campo and promote density over sprawl. From this belt encroach green line fingers into the city to create parks that cut into the city grid and link a network of paths to the greenbelt.  The greenbelt then connects the rambla of the Rio de la Plata to the rambla of the Atlantic.

At the scale of the case study block efforts are taken to distinguishes the primary perimeter block structure for automobiles from inner block pedestrian and festival-oriented streets.  These secondary blocks form a network of pedestrian and bicycle routes through the city linking unique vecino friendly amenities and businesses.

At the core of this case study vecino block a shared park with an outdoor movie screen and playgrounds creates a second frontage for businesses and existing industries.  A key component of improving the livability of the city is universal mixed-use zoning.  Proximity to housing, commercial, and industrial uses promote walking and biking to work. The electrification of industry and all forms of transit means clean and quiet operations.

Quality of life zoning uses tangible measures to allow mixed use rather than exclusive use-based zoning (residential, commercial, industrial, entertainment, etc) which typically carve cities into desirable and less desirable activity zones.  Quality of life zoning restrictions limit measurable sound decibels, and exhaust emissions, light pollution etc. and can allow for multitude of uses as long as the proper measures are taken to limit environmental impacts. The distinction between use zoning and quality of life zoning is critical. One emphasizes where do you put polluters or perceived nuisances, while the other seeks to eliminate those factors by improving the level of design and construction with mitigating technology.  The city is shared, pollution is not someone else’s problem.

Montevideo Design Contest Overview
Montevideo Case Study Block
Motevideo Case Study Pedestrian Street Plan
Montevideo Case Study Partial Park Plan
Montevideo Case Study Intensification of Existing Parcel Plans
Montevideo Case Study New Casita Block Plan